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Prevention and promotion in health

Without any intention to inflame the debate about j@bs and boosters, I wish there was a strong message to the population about PREVENTION AND PROMOTION in HEALTH. Prevention is concerned with avoiding disease while promotion is about improving health and wellbeing

I don’t mean masks, washing hands and social distancing… These only prevent catching the bug, and to a certain extent. Is that it? Well, no… of course there’s also the j@bs. But why is it that some people get awful symptoms and sometimes even die even when jabbed? Viral load, genes, underlying conditions, all play a role. When in the news we read that someone otherwise ”healthy” has been severely affected, it makes me wonder what definition of healthy is being used. Inflammation can sometimes take a while until signs and symptoms became obvious, and there seems to be a correlation between inflammation and symptomatology, at least this is my humble observation.

Regardless of your personal choice as to whether to be j@bbed or not, you will never regret investing in your health and wellbeing by reducing the level of inflammation in your body and supporting your immune system. How? Here are some basic considerations:

-Are you sleeping well enough (hours and quality) so that you wake up refreshed?

-Are you able to manage your stress levels by giving yourself time to unwind, release and recharge?

-Do you laugh enough during the day? It reduces stress and boosts immunity. No joke!

-Are you keeping physically active?

-Are you eating the foods that agree with you, avoiding inflammatory (dairy, red meat, alcohol, sugar, processed foods) ones and having enough anti-inflammatory ones (greens, beets, bone broth, blueberries, cherries, walnuts, chia, flaxseeds, wild salmon)?

-Have you consulted with your health practitioner what supplements & herbs may be appropriate for you? (probiotics, omega3, vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, curcumin?

This is a golden opportunity to raise awareness about PREVENTION and PROMOTION in HEALTH. Let’s not miss this chance!

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