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There is no

magic diet.


Discover what is right for you.


A wellbeing programme especially designed
by women, for women, with women… between 40-55. 

Women have joined the programme looking to increase energy levels, improve mood, feel less bloated, sleep better, shed a few extra sticky pounds, or to improve their overall sense of wellbeing.


A few days into the programme and participants start to experience the benefits.

“I hadn’t been able to sleep uninterruptedly in months... Yesterday I slept for 8hs and woke up full of energy.”

“I had forgotten what it felt like to not be bloated!”

“I had never had so much energy during the day!”

“I have lost several pounds and my mood is lighter... Or so says my hubby.


New groups start 29th April.  

Does your body need a SPRING CLEAN? 


RADS is a programme focuses on reducing exposure to toxins, optimising elimination pathways and protecting the body against potentially harmful free radical damage. Expected outcomes include: 

  • Increased mental clarity 

  • Higher energy levels 

  • Improved digestion 

  • Enhanced immune system function 


Professional guidance is offered through weekly online sessions and chat. The programme is based on 3 pillars: a specific supplement and low allergenic food regime, physical activity and relax/meditation. 

Online sessions start 6th MAY - Fridays 12-12.30pm

My journey

After many years in the corporate world working in management consulting, and mostly due to health challenges (some personal and others in people very close to my heart), I became very aware of how important eating well can be.  


Soon, some serious research began, but only to confuse me more: so much information, so many gurus and conflicting theories, no wonder why it's hard to know who and what to believe! Was animal protein good or bad?  And what about fats?  Were eggs friends or villains? And dairy?  Bet you have wondered as well...


Looking for a more structured approach, I decided to embark on a MSc in holistic nutrition which opened the doors to a whole new world.  I was fascinated by the implications of biochemical individuality and the potential of epigenetics:  we are not "conditioned" by our genes; food and lifestyle can play a big role in preventing and managing disease.  


I originally focused on gut health and its relationship with the immune and nervous systems, and their implications on resilience. Later, when I could no longer tick the 30-45 box in surveys, I dived into supporting hormonal balance.     

It is very exciting and rewarding to be able to support children and adults alike in their quest to achieve higher levels of wellbeing through nutrition, within the realm of holistic health. In many cases, when there is an underlying condition, I work alongside their main health practitioner to design a personalised nutritional plan. I also work with organisations to help them with their wellbeing strategy and provide individual coaching. 

Sil Brangold wellbeing strategist
My journey

Featured posts




You are unique and so should your diet. We will discuss the strategy and approach best suited for you, and we will work at the pace you need to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

Digestion - Stress management -Mood- Fatigue - Sleep  

Immunity - Skin conditions

Joint pain


I've partnered with the most recognised laboratories and can recommend the test that is most suitable for you.  Once you know which are the offending foods, I can help you plan a diet to avoid them, and possible gradually reincorporate them once symptoms have cleared. 


Do you need to raise the profile of wellbeing in your organisation?

Are you ready to take wellbeing

to the next level?  

Workshops - Speaking events 

Training - Executive coaching

What people say

Portrait of Smiling Woman


A small change in my diet,
and that nagging pain
in my wrists was gone.  I
can now enjoy
gardening again. 
Wish I'd known before!


I had struggled with IBD for years, and after Sil
introduced my to the SCD
I've been symptoms-free
and managed to reduce medication to a minimum. 



My 7-year-old had constant tummy ache. Working alongside her doctor Sil 
suggested some changes to her diet. After 2 weeks, pain was gone and Lara
was smiling again. 

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